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Tweeps divides on #KaraboMokoena alleged Killer

The brutal murder of Karabo Mokoena has raised debates on social media with others symphasing with her and others her boyfriend’s

Karabo Mokoena went missing on April 27 and was found dead and burnt in a veld two days later. Her boyfriend Sandile Mantsoe was arrested, having confessed to killing and burning her body before dumping it in a veld in Lyndhurst.

It has since been revealed that Sandile had been abusing her for the most part of their nine-months relationship. Further developments has surfaced that she even tried to open a case against him but Sandile countered that by opening one against her too.

Mantsoe (27) is a Foreign exchange (forex) trader who lived in the rich suburbs of Sandton while Karabo was just a 22 year-old part-time student.

Social media has had reacted on the matter with users visibly devided on their views of who to blame.

One tweeter user by the username of @Cashisblack sympathises with Karabo and hopes that Sandile get the maximum punishment for his act.

“#KaraboMokoena I hope this Sandile ms**u gets life and get raped in jail on a daily basis,” he said.

Another user known simply as Antoinette is also of the view that Sandile Mantsoe deserves to be in jail.

“#SandileMantsoe I pray and hope that we won’t hear that ‘there is not enough evidence’ of all this. Can justice be served!! #KaraboMokoena,” she said

However one tweeter user took the unpopular route of playing the devil’s advocate by coming to the defence of Sandile. Cotty Hlatshwayo said Mantsoe should be given a chance.

“#SandileMantsoe can the brother be given bail, it’s his right. He’s a first time offender and not a flight risk. #giveablackchildachance”